Provador de corrent de fuites mèdiques de la sèrie RK2675Y

  • RK2675Y/ RK2675Y-1/ RK2675Y-2/ RK2675Y-3/ RK2675Y-5 Medical Leakage Current Tester

    RK2675Y / RK2675Y-1 / RK2675Y-2 / RK2675Y-3 / RK2675Y-5 Tester de corrent mèdic de fuites

    Product Introduction The RK2675Y Medical Leakage Current Tester Series Is The Test Equipment Used For Measuring Continuous Leakage Current And Patient Auxiliary Current Of Medical Electrical Equipment.It Designs And Products According To The GB9706.1_2007 (IEC60601-1:1988) <Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1:General Requirements For Safety>.And The Test Circuit (MD)Input Impedance To Simulate The Body Impedance,It Accord With The Requirements Of GB9706.1-2007 (IEC60601-1:1988),The Test...
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